Inverted Microscope

With inverted microscopes, you can use the large sample space between the stage and the illumination for your cells in petri dishes, well plates, or culture flasks. You will have enough space for your roller bottles and for micromanipulation. And all that together with contrasting techniques such as brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence, that you need in your laboratory. Your ZEISS microscope is compact and focuses on the essentials.

Primo Series

ZEISS Primovert
ZEISS Primovert

Examine and assess your living cells – quickly and easily.

  • Now you can study the morphography of living cells and evaluate their development with this compact inverted microscope from ZEISS.
  • Primovert is perfectly suited to your cell culture laboratory.
  • It enables fast, efficient investigations of both unstained cells in phase contrast and GFP-labeled cells in fluorescence contrast.
  • It fits straight into your laminar flow cabinet to work directly in a sterile environment.
  • And it brings you a welcome degree of flexibility, too, with its integrated camera and the Labscope imaging app for iPad: observe your cells from outside the sterile working space and evaluate them with colleagues.

Axiovert Series

ZEISS Axio Vert.A1
ZEISS Axio Vert.A1

Simply get all information from your cells.

  • Choose from all standard contrasting techniques, including DIC, to investigate your cell cultures.
  • Axio Vert.A1 produces brilliant images to answer your questions.
  • Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside your incubator.
  • Look into the very essence of your research while keeping your cell culture in its own protected environment.