Stereo Microscopes and Zoom Microscopes

With these microscopes, you can observe your large or living samples nondestructively and without needing complex preparation. Zooming smoothly, you can adjust the magnification to your object and analyze its morphology. In the lower overview magnification, you can screen and sort your samples. Then, with higher magnification, you can effortlessly analyze details and prepare and manipulate the samples thanks to a large working distance that enables good access to them.

ZEISS Stemi 305

ZEISS Stemi 305
ZEISS Stemi 305

Compact size, big impact: your stereo microscope with integrated illumination and documentation.

  • Stemi 305 is your compact Greenough stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom.
  • Equally at home in the biology classroom, research lab or on the industrial shop floor.
  • Observe your samples as they are: three dimensional and crisp in contrast with no preparation required.
  • Then share your images, whenever you want. Profit from an easy-to-use microscope, where everything is integrated: long-life LED illumination, reflected and transmitted light and documentation.
  • Stemi 305 makes documentation easy and affordable.
  • Simply snap your images with the integrated 1.2 Megapixel Wi-Fi camera and share them using Labscope, the iPad imaging app.
  • Or opt for the conventional phototube to have access to all Axiocam cameras and free ZEN lite imaging software.