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Focus Imaging Systems in its journey of excellence has been using integrity, customer satisfaction, customer focused business practices, efficiency as the pillars on which the progress has been achieved. Down the line of sales, Focus Imaging Systems also provides service of various brands of Ultrasound systems, X-ray and Probes with leading brands in the market such as GE, Aloka, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba and Other brands too.

With a rich knowledge in the ultrasound industry, utilizing highly trained service engineers and leveraging in-house repair capability, Focus Imaging Systems provide an excellent quality service of Ultrasound Probes, Probe cable cut, Probe head change, Probe side crack and Probe layering of all Manufacturers product, therefore saving money to buy a new product, when it is not necessary. Focus Imaging Systems also provide an unmatchable level of professional attention and the right probe at the right price, every time.

Focus Imaging Systems do AMC of their customers across India, where the visit is three times in a year and make full diagnosis of the system and transducers with a comprehensive report of the status of the system. To serve customers round the clock, Focus Imaging Systems offer support services 24X7@ +91 99626 77143.

Focus Imaging Systems aim is to ensure customer satisfaction through all aspects of the product life cycle by providing variety of value added services designed to optimize resource utilization and streamline imaging operations by challenging themselves to be the Customers first choice.

  • DOTmed 100 for 2013 - FOCUS IMAGING SYSTEMS
  • DOTmed 100 for 2014 - FOCUS IMAGING SYSTEMS
  • DOTmed 100 for 2015 - FOCUS IMAGING SYSTEMS
  • DOTmed 100 for 2016 - FOCUS IMAGING SYSTEMS
  • DOTmed 100 for 2017 - Focus Imaging Systems
  • DOTmed 100 for 2018 - Focus Imaging Systems
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“In India, We Supply/Support only on receipt of Valid PNDT Certificate (PNDT ACT 1994) Diagnostics Centres and Hospitals only.”

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