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Fetal Monitor


Featuring a sleek design, vibrant color screen, and advanced capabilities,

the F3 fetal monitor is tailored to meet the demands of obstetrical departments in clinics and hospitals alike.

Its remarkable lightweight and portability render it ideal for outpatient services.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies from EDAN,

the F3 provides a comprehensive range of monitoring parameters including FHR, TOCO, DECG, IUP, and fetal movement.


This model is designed for easy handheld use, offering convenience in various clinical settings.

Efficient Workflow Integration

  • Functional keys and a knob allow for quick access to essential functions, streamlining clinical tasks.
  • The configurable 'start' button enables integration of patient information and printing, simplifying workflow to a single button press for doctors.

Built-in CTG Analysis System

Our integrated CTG analysis system facilitates easy interpretation of results by highlighting key features from the analysis, aiding doctors or nurses in their assessment.

Enhanced Connectivity

The F3 supports USB interface, enabling expanded storage capacity, which proves beneficial for house call services, ensuring ample storage for patient data.

Fetal and Maternal Monitor


The F6 Series integrates fetal and maternal parameters , offers external and internal monitoring and provides a range of unique wireless probes enhancing the obstetric care across all delivery stages, including water bath and telemetry solutions.

Intuitive Design

  • Incorporates a user-friendly 10.1” foldable TFT color screen.
  • Features a compact and portable design for convenience.
  • Equipped with a probe rack to facilitate easy positioning of transducers.

State-of-the-Art FHR Detection Technology

  • Utilizes a 1 MHz waterproof sensitive transducer for advanced fetal heart rate (FHR) detection.
  • Implements Signals Overlap Verification to accurately differentiate between twins' FHR.
  • Includes an FHR signal quality indicator to optimize probe positioning for enhanced accuracy.

Robust Data Management Capabilities

  • Offers 60 hours of built-in memory for continuous and seamless monitoring.
  • Utilizes the MFM-CNS network for comprehensive surveillance monitoring.
  • Provides MFM-CNS Lite for efficient data management.


The F15 series fetal and maternal monitor represents the pinnacle of modern technology and refined algorithms tailored for Obstetrics' latest advancements.

Featuring a state-of-the-art design, sleek appearance, and robust mechanical structure, the F15 embodies a sincere commitment to delivering the most efficient workflow for clinics.

With innovative features like automatic probe activation and wireless charging, the F15 ensures continuous monitoring, empowering midwives to maintain control throughout the process.

Wireless Charging with Metal Design

  • The metal design ensures safety and durability during wireless charging.
  • The main unit can automatically identify the transducer by simply pushing it into the holder.

Resolution of Heart Rate Variability

Addresses issues such as heart rate doubling and halving, reducing the need for excessive clinical intervention.

15.2-inch Color LCD Touch Screen

  • Features a vibrant 15.2-inch color LCD touch screen.
  • The user-friendly interface and parameter module enable meeting any requirement within just two simple steps.

Seamless Transfer of Patient Information

Easily shift patient information and transducer identification to another F15 unit without removing transducers.

Comfortable and Efficient Monitoring

  • Utilize reusable electrodes for maternal heart rate monitoring, ensuring comfort for mothers.
  • Offer maternal and fetal heart rate signal overlap to prevent unnecessary interventions.

Safe and Continuous Data Storage

  • Save offline data for up to 15 minutes to ensure fetal safety during monitoring.
  • Upload offline data to the F15 unit immediately upon reconnection.
Video Colposcope

C6A HD Series

This new series of HD digital colposcopes represents a seamless fusion of exceptional HD camera technology, robust software capabilities, and user-friendly workstations, tailored to meet the exacting needs of gynecologists during colposcopic screening.

Featuring a high-resolution camera and innovative LED lighting, this series ensures unparalleled image quality, faithfully reproducing the examination area with utmost clarity.

Backed by professional software and advanced analysis tools, every aspect of the screening process is streamlined, standardized, and meticulously regulated, enhancing overall efficiency and precision.

State-of-the-Art Camera Module

  • The C6 HD/C6A HD boasts an advanced camera module featuring top-notch photographic components and a bright LED light system.
  • This setup ensures the delivery of full HD images, guaranteeing utmost safety for the patient.

Efficient Workflow

With its fluent workflow design, clinic users can effortlessly adjust focus, magnify or restore images, and capture them with just one hand.

Intuitive Gesture Operation, Simplified One-Touch Volume, and Brightness Settings

Innovative R-way® Software

The exceptional R-way® software not only aids in patient tracking and data management but also offers an exclusive evaluation system for interpreting cervical disease performance.

Ultrasonic Doppler

SD3 Series

Featuring outstanding sensitivity, full interchangeability, and exceptional durability, the SD3 series Ultrasonic Pocket Dopplers serve as the perfect choice for clinicians seeking routine fetal heart rate detection.

Enhanced Detection Capability

  • Incorporates a sensitive 3 MHz probe for accurate detection of fetal heart rate as early as 9 weeks.
  • Offers the convenience of an interchangeable waterproof probe.
  • Features an optimal probe design for convenient fetal heart rate detection.

Comprehensive Data Recording

  • Capable of recording fetal heart rate data along with associated sounds.
  • Provides ample storage with a capacity of 240 seconds.

User-Friendly and Compact

  • Designed for easy one-handed operation, ideal for healthcare professionals.
  • Equipped with a bright OLED screen for real-time fetal heart rate display.
  • Incorporates a high-fidelity speaker for clear sound output.

Multi-Functional Design

Doubles as a battery charger and includes provisions for both stand and wall mounting.
  • Designed for easy one-handed operation, ideal for healthcare professionals.
  • Equipped with a bright OLED screen for real-time fetal heart rate display.
  • Incorporates a high-fidelity speaker for clear sound output.
Central Monitoring System


With the central monitoring system in place, nurses can effectively monitor all patients in real-time, eliminating the need for frequent bedside checks and thus reducing their workload.

As a component of the FTS-6, this robust central monitoring system not only facilitates real-time patient data management but also enables recording, analysis, saving, printing, and reviewing of records.

Versatile Surveillance Solution

The all-in-one PC, equipped with a touch screen, serves as a robust platform for surveillance software. Acting as a central monitoring system, it also functions as a CTG monitoring display, providing valuable clinical insights through informative messages. Whether connected via wire or wirelessly, this system ensures seamless monitoring.

Efficient Data Management

Facilitating data entry and report generation, the PC features a convenient down-lit pullout keyboard. This ergonomic design enhances efficiency in data management tasks, ensuring ease of use for healthcare professionals.

Intuitive Gesture Operation, Simplified One-Touch Volume, and Brightness Settings

Spacious and Functional Design

Designed with ample space for accessories and an external printer, the PC's spacious layout enhances practicality. This thoughtful design element contributes to a clutter-free workspace, promoting a productive environment.

Enhanced Transducer Handling

The inclusion of a 360-degree transducer holder offers unparalleled convenience in transducer management. Enabling free positioning for each wireless transducer, this feature streamlines workflow and enhances user flexibility.

Seamless Monitoring: Attention to Detail

The new centralized monitoring system aims to address several objectives, including optimizing work distribution, enhancing the work environment, maximizing the efficiency of nursing personnel, and upgrading monitoring equipment.