Who We Are ?

Focus Imaging Systems, a prominent dealer of medical equipment, has consistently positioned itself as a pioneer in providing a comprehensive range of medical equipment services throughout India. This venture is the brainchild of Mr. Ravi Theja.  Focus Imaging Systems, being headquartered in Chennai has undergone a transformative journey evolving from a recognised supplier of refurbished ultrasound medical equipment to becoming a distinguished Philips Chanel Partner in the expansive Tamil Nadu Market for the year 2018 till 2023. Following that , currently , we have become the authorised dealers for the world's leading healthcare service companies such as  Arcomed , Midmark and Zeiss.

What distinguishes Focus Imaging System is not just its commitment to providing high quality healthcare services but also an outstanding team of Biomedical engineers who strive tirelessly to meet the customer journey and requirements. Focus Imaging Systems takes pride in adhering to International standards, ensuring that all the products and services meet the highest benchmarks of quality and reliability. This commitment has resulted in extreme gratification among its customers, establishing the company as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.