Research Microscopes - Zeiss

Upright Microscopes

ZEISS Axio Imager 2

  • Outstanding apochromatic optical pathway, featuring advanced optics for a superior beam path.
  • The new high-performance focusing system ensures maximum precision.
  • Features with a remarkable 10nm step size and 10-position reflector turret.
  • Enhances versatility using the dedicated stands for bio, material and polarisation.

ZEISS Axiolab 5

  • Enhance efficiency in your everyday laboratory tasks with an encoded nosepiece and reflector turret equipped with intelligent functions.
  • Smart ergonomics promote a relaxed lab work environment, ensuring overall efficiency.
  • It is also designed for stand-alone use, making it ideal for basic routine imaging.
  • Possess stands for bio, material and polarization applications.

ZEISS Primostar 1, 3 & HD

  • Preferred solution for routine examinations, digital learning, and connected classrooms
  • The integrated HD camera provides diverse interfaces like LAN/ETHERNET and USB 3.0
  • Options for phase contrast and basic polarization are available, along with a convenient light intensity display on the stand.

ZEISS Axioscope 5

  • Achieve seamless access to four multichannel fluorescence channels with a single click.
  • Tailored stands for bio, material, and polarization applications.
  • Complemented by an encoded nosepiece and reflector turret featuring intelligent functions.

Inverted Microscopes

ZEISS Axio Observer

  • Guaranteed adaptability for technologies spanning from widefield to subtle super-resolution imaging.
  • Providing guidance for your workflow
  • Enhancing efficiency, and incorporating a high degree of automation along with cost-effective light sources.

ZEISS Primovert

  • Automatically transitions into walk-away mode 15 minutes after being turned off.
  • Conserving energy and prolonging the life of the light source.
  • The inverted microscope seamlessly fits into your laminar flow box , allowing you to work directly within sterile environment.

Zoom Microscopes

ZEISS Axio Zoom V16

  • Vivid fluorescence in expansive fields
  • Customized zoom optimized for your specific applications
  • Intelligent transmitted light throughout the entire zoom range.
  • Precision eZoom images that are twice as sharp.

ZEISS SmartZoom 5

  • Expanded depth of field allows viewing a large image depth in focus simultaneously
  • 2D and 3D image stitching enables imaging large areas in high resolution
  • A straightforward workflow allows you to review the entire part before zooming in on the specific area of inspection.

Stereo Microscopes

ZEISS Axio Zoom V16

  • Greenough microscope featuring a 5:1 zoom ratio
  • Built-in illumination that provides clarity for diverse applications
  • Integrated documentation capabilities

ZEISS SmartZoom 5

  • Greenough microscope with an 8:1 zoom ratio
  • Apochromatic correction for a large field of view
  • Precise mechanics designed to handle heavy workloads