Ophthalmology Solutions - Zeiss

Surgical Solutions 


ZEISS IOLMaster 500

  • Quick and User-Friendly: Featuring a well-designed interface, plausibility checks, and completing measurements for both eyes in under 60 seconds.
  • Reliable Refractive Outcomes: Dependable keratometry independent of distance, delivering robust and consistent measurements with a selection of over 300 optimized lens constants.
  • Markerless Toric IOL Alignment : An essential component that involves in eliminating the need for manual marking steps.
  • Advanced Capability in Challenging Cases: With a cataract penetration rate exceeding 93%2, the system excels in measuring pseudophakic, staphyloma,  and silicone-filled eyes, and post-LVC formula calculations.

ZEISS IOLMaster 700

  • Enhance Refractive Outcomes: Prioritize repeatability, clinical foundation, telecentric keratometry, and comprehensive biometrical parameters.
  • Receive minimized Refractive Surprises: OCT image-based biometry for the detection of unusual eye geometries and visual verification of measurements.
  • Streamline Your Workflow: Benefit from on-board toric IOL power calculation, easy delegation, rapid measurement speed, and markerless implantation of toric IOLs.
  • Serves as. a Future-Proof Investment which encourages future enhancements.

Operating Microscope Solutions 

OPMI Lumera 300

  • Attain Unparalleled Reliability: Benefit from outstanding quality of Zeiss with a fully integrated system, ensuring maximum system uptime.
  • Explore Optimal Usability: Featuring a one-button design and an ergonomic foot panel for a user-friendly experience.
  • Encounter Top-Tier Visualization: BrightFlex LED illumination, unparalleled optical performance, minimizing stress for your patients.

OPMI Lumera i

  • Get Intricate details of the patient's eyes at precision: Consistent red reflex without compromises, Improved depth of field reduces the need for frequent adjustments, Uninterrupted illumination.
  • Perfectly integrated ergonomics : Centrally managed, Simultaneous observation, Individual and hands-free response, Effortless sterility identification, Swift adaptation for cataract or retina procedures, Unrestricted mobility even in limited OR space.
  • Comprises of wide variety of accessories which meets special demands.

OPMI Lumera T

  • OPMI Lumera T allows for the visualization of the smallest structures during surgery.
  • Precision in identifying intricate details of the retina is achieved.
  • Live image overlays can be seen in the eyepiece using the External Data Injection System (EDIS).
  • Live image overlays can be seen in the eyepiece using the External Data Injection System (EDIS).
  • Observe eye structures in their natural colors

Ophthal Diagnosis

OCT Solutions 


  • Advanced OCT Performance : Achieve faster imaging with enhanced detail, capturing 100,000 scans per second to elevate the standard of patient care.
  • Trusted Analytics : Utilize a suite of comprehensive and clinically-validated tools for the diagnosis and management of various conditions. 
  • Patient-Centric Design: From prior CIRRUS generations, Ensures a seamless transfer of raw patient data.

CIRRUS OCT with Angioplex 

  • Streamlined and Quick Workflow: Achieve OCT angiography with single-scan simplicity, Non-invasive angiography eliminates the need for time-consuming dye injections, "Track to Prior" feature to facilitate precise location identification during follow-up visits.
  • Enhanced Decision Making : AngioPlex MetrixTM provides high-resolution microvascular imaging with quantification for detailed insights, Integrated imaging combines OCT structural data with vascular changes, fostering a more cohesive disease management strategy, Change analysis to track variations in vascularization.

Laser Solutions 


  • The InsightView display: Enables you to conveniently observe crucial treatment configurations through the eyepiece, ensuring that your attention remains dedicated to the therapy session and your patient.
  • Touch Control Center Switch : Facilitates seamless changes and adjustments to laser parameters while operating the joystick, enabling to stay focused on the procedure without any disruptions.
  • Enhances the work efficiency such as configuration of treatment protocols for multiple users, facilitation of preparing and conducting the treatment sessions and simplification of treatment procedures.

Essential Line

Slit Lamp 

SL 120 Slit Lamp

  • Achieves outstanding optical transmission, delivering high-resolution and high-contrast images for all eye examinations.
  • Supports single-handed operation and features an ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable body posture throughout the procedure.
  • Convenient Imaging : Be it presentation or patient consultation , documentation, the  optional SL Imaging module enables video and imaging recording of all examinations.

SL 220 Slit Lamp 

  • Offers powerful versatility for thorough slit lamp examinations.
  • Provides a choice of 3 or 5 magnification steps, allowing observation from an overview to detailed examination.
  • Optical Excellence: Utilizes the latest LED technology, ensuring instant and stable illumination.Sharp, high-resolution slit images with exceptional detail for quick and dependable examinations.
  • Convenient Imaging with the help of SL Imaging module.


Visuplan 500

  • Swift and reliable identification of at-risk patients using gentle air puff for increased comfort
  • The staff can easily perform the measurement; Secure headrest and dependable LED fixation, Automated positioning and measurement.
  • Non-contact tonometry - anesthesia not necessary.

Auto Refractor

Visuref 150

  • Modern Operational Design:  The user-friendly interface seamlessly leads the user through the primary workflow steps of refractive assessment.
  • Enhanced diverse connectivity options for efficient data management.
  • Patient and operator comfort through ergonomic design.
  • Quick and accurate data for high quality patient care.