Privy Series Wheelchair

Technical Specifications

 Overall  Length 1120 mm 
Total Height 935 mm 
Overall Width  595 mm
 Working Load Safe Value120 Kgs


  • Designed with an ergonomic handgrip for optimal comfort
  • Features a comfortable backrest for added support.
  • Equipped with tubeless polyurethane tires for durability, a firm grip, and a safety brake with a lever.
  • Includes a lightweight aluminum propelling ring for an enhanced grip.
  • Utilizes anti-bacterial fabric for hygiene

  • Boasts a non-corrosive smooth finishing metal frame

  • Footrests are detachable and adjustable, with a 90˚ swing on either side for easy patient egress and ingress.
  • Offers adjustable and foldable footplates for added convenience