Anteca LIT ICU Bed

Technical Specifications

 Overall  dimensions ( approx) ( Length, Width ) 2140 mm x 1020 mm 
Mattress Platform Size ( Length, Width ) 1890 mm x 860 mm 
Mattress Platform Frame  ( Length, Width ) 2080 mm x 955 mm
 Height of the Mattress Platform ( without mattress) 450 mm to 820 mm 
 Backrest angle 0- 70 degree
 Knee Rest Angle  0-45 Degree
 Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 0 - 17 Degree
 Working Load Safe Value 250 Kgs
Patient bearing capacity  200 Kgs


  • Single-touch key for cardiac chair with automatic CPR function.
  • Motorized adjustments for backrest, knee rest, height, trendelenburg, and reverse trendelenburg
  • Dual-side manually operated CPR.
  • Angle indication for backrest, trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg
  • Equipped with four corner safety rubber buffers, inbuilt SMPS, a four-section metallic perforated top, urine bag holder, and a stainless steel heavy-duty IV pole.
  • Full-length polymer-molded split-type safety side rails. Easily removable polymer-molded head and foot panels without the need for tools.