AstirO Nxt

Technical Specifications

 Overall  dimensions ( approx) ( Length, Width ) 2060 mm x 870 mm 
Mattress Platform Size and Dimension ( Length, Width ) 1855 mm x 700 mm 
Mattress Platform Frame  ( Length, Width ) 2000 mm x 980 mm
 Height of the Mattress Platform ( without mattress) 630 mm to 950 mm 
 Backrest angle 0- 65 degree
 Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 0 - 14 Degree
 Working Load Safe Value 170 Kgs
Patient bearing capacity  150 Kgs


  • Hydraulic pump with dual-sided foot pedals for seamless height adjustment.
  • Manual backrest adjustment with gas spring assistance ensures user comfort.
  • Hydraulic pump with dual-sided foot pedals enables TR/RTR operation.
  • Pair of fully collapsible stainless steel safety side railings enhances patient security.
  • Versatile design featuring interchangeable stainless steel safety boards and push handles on both the head and leg ends.
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty IV pole, equipped with two hooks for optimal medical equipment suspension.
  • 200 mm diameter single-wheel castor with a central locking mechanism ensures efficient mobility from all four sides.
  • Four corner safety buffers, each with a diameter of 100 mm, provide additional safety measures.

  • Dedicated oxygen cylinder cage for secure storage and easy accessibility.
  • Pair of safety belts enhances patient safety during medical procedures.
  • Additional stainless steel heavy-duty IV pole with two hooks for expanded equipment suspension capabilities.
  • Dedicated oxygen cylinder cage ensures secure storage and accessibility, prioritizing patient well-being and adherence to safety protocols.