Stachion ICU Bed

Technical Specifications

 Overall  dimensions ( approx) ( Length, Width ) 2150 mm x 1020 mm 
Mattress Platform Size ( Length, Width ) 1920 mm x 860 mm 
 Height of the Mattress Platform  460 mm to 790 mm ( without mattress)
 ICU Bed extension distance  215 mm
 Backrest angle 0- 70 degree
 Knee Rest Angle  0-45 Degree
 Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 0 - 13 Degree
 Working Load Safe Value 220 Kgs
Patient bearing capacity  165 Kgs


  • The Stachion ICU Bed comes with one touch key for cardiac chair , auto CPR , emergency head down 
  • Motorized adjustments for backrest, knee rest, height, auto contour, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg.
  • Features with built in bed extension, integrated with urine bag holder, dependable battery backup and under bed light
  • Dedicated wired handsets for patient and attendant control, featuring lock out switches on the attendant control panel

  • Smooth mobility with 125 mm diameter twin wheel high grade synthetic body castor made with central locking mechanisms

  • Safety ensured with polymer moulded split type 2 sets of side rails 

  • Conveniently removable ploymer moulded head and foot bed panels

  • Calf elevation / DVT Platform for enhanced patient comfort